‘Woman of Substance’ ‘Woman in Leadership’


Imagine being able to have a person to consult for your education. Ms Zeba Khan is an educationist and in the profession for the past 16 years. She has been awarded the ‘Woman of Substance’ , ‘Woman in Leadership’ and also has pursued a‘Doctorate of Philosophy in Education’. These accolades already being immense attainment, she will now be awarded the ‘All India Women Achievers Award’, AIWAA on the 29th of May in Delhi, the ‘Indo International Achiever’ award in Jaipur on the 5th of June and the ‘International Brilliance’ award in Goa on the 12th of June. She currently is an education consultant at Dr APJ Kalam Vision Foundation who is taking the students forward in their desired field of studies. Join her as she wants you to be a part of prospering the country by educating you the right way.



+91 8171060761


Zeba Khan, G-206, Hanging Gardens,Jaisinghpura road, Ajmer Highway, Jaipur (Rajasthan)